Google Pixel 4 Cameras

Google has yet to release the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL but numerous details have been leaked. We’re positive the tech giant will still introduce the mid-range phones but we also won’t be surprised if something unfortunate happens. There may be a delay as we earlier mentioned and the latest information we have has something to do with the Pixel division being shaken up. You see, some key employees in the Pixel phone department have recently quit the company.

There is no public announcement but two high-profile executives are said to have left Google. The two are from the Pixel smartphone division. The timing is off as the tech giant has been preparing to launch Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL mid-range phones.

The Pixel line hasn’t been really selling. It’s now in its fourth year since the September 2016 grand launch. It replaced the Nexus line, hoping more people will embrace Google’s very own phone lineup.

Google’s Pixel phones are well-designed by they’re not at par with the premium flagships revealed by other OEMs. The features and technologies being introduced are often advanced but something is always amiss when it comes to implementation. The last Pixel 4 launch wasn’t exactly a success either but there is still hope for Google.

The two employees that left the company were both leads: Google’s smartphone lead Mario Queiroz and the Google Pixel camera team’s head Marc Levoy. The two left in the past couple of months. These are key figures in the mobile business and their leaving will definitely have an impact. We can’t say now but we’re certain Google has replacements for them and that they have alternative plans.

Quieroz left after being Google for over ten years. It could be time for him to retire but we don’t know for sure. As for Levoy, his expertise in cameras will be missed. He’s a great loss to the company.

Rumor has it there is some issues inside involving Rick Osterloh who once complained about the battery of the Pixel 4. The discussion was said to be made even before the phone was launched. Osterloh is the hardware SVP. He could have said something that made the Pixel team look bad. What do you think? We’ll be keeping tabs of this story.