Twitter rolled-out the big v4.0 update back in early-April. That update brought what was described as being a brand new look and feel. Perhaps key here though, that update brought an app that was more polished looking and in general, an app that was a bit nicer to use. Despite releasing a bug fixing update shortly after, there has been one item that remained missing.

Well, that item had been missing until today. The latest Twitter for Android app update has landed in the Google Play Store and it has added a menu button. Basically, the Twitter app now has a menu button which will allow for quick access to your Accounts and Settings pages. While that seems to have been the most welcomed addition this time around, there were some other items mentioned in the changelog.

The folks at Twitter have said users will now be able to “enjoy a smoother experience” courtesy of some bug fixes and other improvements. Those bug fixes and improvements weren’t detailed, however as a general rule, the fewer the bugs the better the experience. Not to mention, we think many will agree that the smoother experience came along with the earlier v4.0 update.

Additionally, the changelog also mentioned the ability to see what’s happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations. Bottom line here, this may not have been the biggest Twitter app update we have seen recently, however it should be welcomed by those using the app with multiple accounts. As always, the Twitter for Android app can be found in the Google Play Store.