Those using Tumblr and carrying around an Android tablet will be happy to learn that an update has arrived. And yes, it does involve proper support for Android tablets. That alone sounds like some good news, however the app also brings a few other goodies. Not to mention, we cannot help but smile just a little considering the folks at Tumblr rolled-out proper tablet support for Android before they offered an iPad version.

Jab at iOS and iPad users aside, the latest version of the Tumblr app is currently available in Google Play. This update brought the app up to version 3.2.0 where it remains available for free and with support for Android 2.2 or later. In addition to the tablet support, Tumblr v3.2.0 brings a new Following screen and some design updates.

All said and done, the update looks like it will be welcomed. In fact, the one catch we can see — while the app does run and look nice on a tablet, you will be stuck using the app in portrait mode. We hope to see that change in the future, but for now, the addition of tablet support is the plus that overrides that quirk. Not to mention, we suspect not everyone will be bothered by that.

Otherwise, aside from those few tweaks, the Tumblr app will still allow you to create and edit posts, manage multiple Tumblr blogs, view and rely to messages, customize tweets and find people to follow from your address book. Bottom line here, if you are using Tumblr and have an Android tablet, this is likely an update you will want to grab.

[via Tumblr]