Those people who wants to see the movie ‘CREED’ will be glad to know that there’s a Real Boxing version. With this mobile game, you are free to train with Rocky Balboa and be a World Champion. If you haven’t played Real Boxing, it’s time that you download this game and see for yourself how it feels to become a boxing champion trained by the best of the best.

Real Boxing 2 CREED is a sequel to the equally impressive Real Boxing released a couple of years ago for the NVIDIA Project SHIELD and soon entered the Android ring. In this game, you are Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Johnson. The offspring of Rocky Balboa’s legendary rival seems to be all ready in challenging the boxing champions. Be prepared to plan an endless gameplay of MMO fighting.

You are to fight numerous players and challenge an elite group of boxing champions from all over the world. You can play in either individual mode or multiplayer gaming. Within Career Mode, there are numerous story fights, tournaments, and events you can find. Learn how to do all those body punches, uppercuts, hooks, and jabs and see if you can beat the opponent. With the help of some Special Punches and abilities, you can beat the rival.

Ready to KO the other guy? Bravery isn’t enough. You need to develop your body and condition your mind first. Equip yourself and build your Speed, Stamina, Strength, and Endurance. You can also create your own unique fighting style that only you can master and use.

If you have more time and energy, feel free to enhance fighting stats and abilities first to unlock and upgrade your gear. There are dozens to hundreds of powerful items to utilize. You can also create your own ultimate monster boxer by choosing the muscle sculpture, body mass, attitude, and more details.

Game has used Unreal Engine 4 technology to build a visually stunning fighting game experience. You need Internet access to access all of the game’s features if you want continuous gameplay.

Download Real Boxing 2 CREED from the Google Play Store