The Toshiba Thrive Tablet has landed over on and they are currently offering all three models with FREE shipping. You can see all the details you need about this tablet in this neat video. It also apparently started selling early at a few Best Buy stores from what we have heard.

To kick things off they have the 8GB model for $429, 16GB for $479 and the 32GB is showing as “sold out” but I never saw it in stock so most likely they are awaiting more shipments of said product. Toshiba has been pushing this new tablet pretty hard with a few cool videos and giveaways like posted above.

These tablets come in at a great price and offer a few things other tablets don’t. Like full-size HDMI out as well as full size USB ports, but some might not like the added thickness a few of those things may have brought to the tablet design. At least you wont need to find adapters and micro HDMI cords to stream YouTube on your TV though. So are you planning on picking up a Thrive tablet? If so feel free to comment below on what model and what you think once you get it.

[via Newegg]