While we had a blast in Spain during Mobile World Congress and even enjoyed a look at a new 7.7″ Toshiba tablet with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 we never managed to see this slate. Over at Pocket-Lint they have just snapped a few photos of a brand new 13.3″ prototype Tegra 3 quad-core tablet from Toshiba at a conference in the UK. It’s amazingly thin and looks quite beautiful. I’m just not sure what I’d use something that large for.

They are calling it extremely lightweight, thin, and powerful and from the looks and sounds of things it will be exactly that. We were extremely impressed with the Toshiba 7.7″ during our hands-on at MWC, and can’t wait to try this out too. I’m a little concerned with the size though because I can’t see myself using something that large without a hardware keyboard.

Looking like a nice mix between the iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab this new Toshiba prototype is really thin and actually looks pretty decent. Their past tablets weren’t what I’d call “thin” and they know they need to step it up if they’d like to compete in the Android tablet market. Sadly at the event in the UK this 13.3″ beast didn’t actually turn on and was only a display prototype but it appears to be a full unit with hardware inside and all — not just a dummy. If the 7.7″ is any indication on what we can expect, this will be fast and super thin.

Whether this will ever actually make it to the market or not we wont know until later this year. Hopefully Toshiba brings a few of these recent devices to the market as I’d probably buy that 7.7″ we linked to above. Head to the via below for the rest of the pics.

Would you ever buy and use a 13.3″ tablet?

[via Pocket-Lint]