It’s a secret he’ll never tell–well, not yet. YouTuber Parker Walbeck has recently posted a video that features footages of his travels. It’s like another travel vlog but Parker was showing off a mobile device, which is really a new smartphone (not a new DSLR or digicam). It’s a new phone camera and this guy was lucky enough to shoot videos with it. You can say he is one lucky influence because he gets to hold and shoot using a Huawei P30 Pro.

Oh, wait. Did we say Huawei P30 Pro? We’re just making an intelligent guess here. It’s the only premium flagship smartphone yet to be unveiled for this quarter since we’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and the LG G8 ThinQ.

It was one long video showing off the latest scenes shot using a new smartphone. It’s top secret but the phone will be announced very soon.

Parker said it is the best smartphone camera he has tried. The technologies behind the phone camera will be presented before the phone is announced.

Here are some important details we’re highlighting:

• multiple lenses, one of which has optical zoom
• zoom-in capture can still retain the high quality
• has software that maintains the quality
• impressive low light capabilities
• night mode with long exposures
• image stabilization technology

Watch the full video below: