We’ve featured probably hundreds of racing games already but we won’t get tired of checking out what’s new. The last one we featured was almost a month ago and we’re now in dire need to try a new one. Hutch Games’ Top Drives is one of the latest on the Play Store that we think will make you spend hours on the mobile game. This is no ordinary racing adventure as it lets you build an ideal perfect racing deck from a large fleet of more than 700 officially licensed cars.

There are several racing challenges to try and finish. The game features an all-new Card Racing System so you can unleash new cars and compete to get other exclusive cars.

Game can be enjoyed in live multiplayer events. If you’re a real car aficionado, you may drool over the many collections of premium cars from Mercedes to Ford, Bugattie, McLaren, and Pagani among others. You can upgrade each one of your vehicles so you make the most of every race scenario that involves race circuits, drag strips, and hill climbs.

The game developers are saying ‘Top Drives’ offers an addictive racing strategy gameplay and we agree since we know the hard work Hutch Games put into this new adventure. From the photography alone from the top car publications to the well-researched stats from Evo, we believe the developers knew what they were doing. Game is free to download but in-app items are available.

Download Top Drives from the Google Play Store