It’s summer time and we’re certain that you’re on your way to an island this weekend. Maybe you’re at a hotel room now or in some obscure place you don’t want to share with anyone. We get it. You’re having a grand time relaxing. You deserve to have a vacation. For those still planning, we’re not suggesting any place but we have a feeling it will be anywhere were the Pokemon will go. Seriously though, you need to go on summer getaway and try to chill. A day or two perhaps? If you can afford it, try one week of doing nothing but just lying down, eating, catching up on your favorite shows, swimming, or frolicking in the sand.

For those who’ve already decided, you need to do a lot of preparation. It’s not just packing your clothes. Being the techie you, you still need to prepare what gadgets to bring, how you’ll be able to back up your photos, what to share on social media, or simply determine how you can still be reached for emergency or whatever reason.

Of course, there’s still work to do. If you want to check your email, go ahead. Just make sure you don’t spend most of the time reading or composing messages to your boss. You don’t have to bring your laptop with you. You only need your trusty ol’ smartphone loaded with these apps we think you should download so you could do a bit of work.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Top 5 Apps to Download Before Going on a Vacation 1

Okay. This is old and there may be easier alternatives but for the most professional-looking photos you’ll be taking during your vacation, you’ll never fail with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Graphic artists and photographers all say that Lightroom has totally made their jobs easier.

The most recent update delivers full resolution output finally. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your vacation photos being reduced. With the lightroom app, you can edit images and save them in better resolution.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Zoho Notebook

You’re going away on a vacation and that means another chance to do a travel blog or start your scrapbook for the nth time. You need a new journalling app and this time, you might want to try the Zoho Notebook which is yet another alternative to Evernote. It’s not as feature-rich as your old favorite but Zoho does the job of saving your thoughts and images. You need something to store your ideas during your vacation and this one will be perfect as long as you don’t lose your phone.

The app organizes your many travel notes as it shows different notebook covers so you can easily identify your works and not just in a plain list. It’s also even easier to use with the gestures like flick through the notes, pinch to fold notes, pinch to group notes, and swipe for more information.

Download Zoho Notebook


Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail
Gmail is old but it has remained to be the best free email service. Making it more convenient to use is the Inbox by Gmail– a separate app that works as an extension of ur Gmail. One way you can use it before or during that vacation is the vacation auto-responder. You see, you need to remind your boss and tell people that you are away for a few days. Hopefully, any inquiry or response can wait.

Setup the auto-responder before you pack your bags and fly lest you want to forget. You sure don’t want an irate client or boss, do you?

Download Inbox by Gmail




For the health and fitness enthusiasts, going on a vacation doesn’t mean taking a break from working out. Thank heavens for gyms in hotels. Actually, travelling itself is already a workout. You get to walk and move a lot. Hopefully, you’re doing some exercise during your downtime because you know, you need to be fit.

For those who want to have someone to work out with, you may want to check the Bvddy app and see if you can get lucky to find someone. It’s a new matchmaking app not to find the love of your life but the one who can understand that you need to do a few sets of workout or lifting weights before doing something. You’ll never know who you’ll meet while on your grand vacation or are simply in your neighborhood. Oh the wonders of technology…

Bvddy is like a sports-match app made especially for the health buff. It’s to find the one who have the same mindset, will do a set, or play sports with you wherever you are (although yes, you may even meet The One.)

Download Bvddy




Now that you’ve planned your vacation and are thinking of ways on how to better communicate with other people, check out Citymapper app. The classic app can be your guide in achieving a full city experience. It was recently updated with more cities not only in the US but in other cities as well Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Download Citymapper