We can’t believe it’s already February. First week of January, we got busy with CES 2016 and soon we started preparing for the Mobile World Congress which is happening in a few weeks. In between those two big tech events are endless rumors, leaks, and early sightings of upcoming smartphones. Of course, there’s still the regular news, software updates, new games that are potentially addictive, and apps that could totally make our lives easier.

For this week, we’ve featured several new Android apps but we’re choosing the best five we think will improve some areas of our digital mobile lives. It’s amazing how Android developers never run out of ideas. As long as there are problems that need solutions, more mobile apps will be released. We still can’t say that the mobile app industry has already reached its peak. We don’t think that will happen anytime soon because it’s just gonna get bigger. More categories may be added like in the past years when Wearable Apps and Virtual Apps took their place in the market.

Here are our Top 5 Android Apps for the Week:

AirConsole for Android TV
We’ve seen the original version last year but this one is designed especially for Android TV. We knew it was only a matter of time before a smart TV version would be released so when developer N-Dream finally did this week, we got excited. Now, you can continue on with playing games on your Android TV and use a smartphone as the gamepad or controller.

It’s great to use during parties where you can just ask the guests to download the AirConsole for Android TV app on their smartphones and enter a gaming session on AirConsole.com. Just don’t expect super challenging games with HD graphics and stunning animations. AirConsole only offers simple but cool party games everyone can enjoy.

Download  AirConsole for Android TV from the Google Play Store


All in One
All in one
With all the numerous social media networks you’ve signed up for, you need to download every app to be updated about your peers. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tagged, and LinkedIn–all of them you need to check everyday so you won’t miss any exciting post. But then all these apps take up so much of your phone storage and memory. Some of them may even slow down your phone. What you need is this ‘All In One Social Media Fast’ app that lets you view all your social accounts and timeline in one place. No need to have all apps on your phone as this one is enough.

The All in One app may have access to your numerous profiles but note that some features and functionalities of regular apps may not work here. You can post and do some fast browsing in one place, making your social media life less cluttered and hopefully, less stressful.

Download All in One Social Media Fast


Guides By Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is everyone’s go-to travel website. The app version is no different as it features expert tips and comprehensive city guides you would need for your next travel adventure. All the information are from travel writers who have explored the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Every city you will find on the app features all the important information you need to know about a city: maps, history, hot spots, festivals, etc. Most of the things you’ll read are written by local guides who know their cities by heart.

Download Guides By Lonely Planet


This app allows bubble browsing on your smartphone. You know those bubble chat heads from Facebook Messenger? You can have similar floating icons that contain links you want for later viewing. Choose any mobile browser you want and Flyperlink will have a bubble open a link in the background. Click on it to expand whenever you’re ready to view and click again to minimize.

Just like the FB Messenger chat head, you can move a Flyperlink bubble anywhere around the screen. Feel free to change the app size, position, or the toolbar position with Flyperlink. You can also use the bubble heads to copy text and share with other apps. If you get annoyed after some time, simply move it to the trash icon.

Download Flyperlink


Ever listened to the radio? No, not Internet radio programs but real old school Transistor radio. Of course, you haven’t because you’re still young and Transistor was a standard only during your parents’ time. Transistor app lets you experience old school radio. Just save a radio program and listen to it whenever you want. All you need to do is look for streaming links and then open using the Transistor app. Make sure you set the app as the default handler. Only streams encoded in OGG and MP3 can be read by the app.

Transistor app brings back old school radio listening. It may be something kids today would find boring but hey, there’s something special about going back to the classics. This is retro radio. For once in your life, try something your parents or grandparents used to enjoy.

Download Transistor from the Google Play Store