The hype around Google Chromecast has toned down a bit, giving way to a flood of news of smartphone announcements. But it hasn’t completely died out, with word of new services supporting the Chromecast or a new, similar device sprouting up once in a while. Joining this fray is CodeLathe’s Tonido, a personal cloud service that lets you stream media from your PC anywhere, and now to any TV via the Chromecast.

The Chromecast was announced last month and was met with such enthusiasm and interest that it sold out almost immediately after it was made available from Google Play Store. The thumbdrive-sized device connects to a TV via HDMI and allows streaming of media from online services or devices via WiFi. The initial number of officially supported services was quite low, with promises of more to come. In the meantime, third party software and services have joined the Chromecast train and have been announcing support for the device.

Tonido is one such service that has just announced an update to their mobile apps that adds support for the Chromecast. Tonido users install the free Tonido server software on their PC that stores their media. The Tonido mobile app then allows users to stream their media from the PC over WiFi or 3G using Tonido’s cloud service. The updated app now allows directing that stream to a TV via the Chromecast. The video below demonstrates how it all works.

Tonido’s server software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and its mobile app is available on Android and iOS. While the update is already available, the Chromecast is still out of stock, so it might take longer for this new feature to get into the hands of a wider audience.

VIA: Engagdet