We haven’t heard anything from TomTom since February when the Cardio fitness tracker from TomTom Sports was introduced. It actually followed last year’s IFA announcement of the VIO and GO satnav devices and now it’s launching new services that work across the brand’s many sports watches. The company has just introduced the Fitness Age, Fitness Points, and Personalised Workouts for the health and fitness enthusiasts who want to track their progress so they can be more knowledgeable and prepared in achieving their fitness goals.

TomTom Fitness Age shows users how fit they are by looking at their cardio fitness in a globally accepted measurement. Fitness level is checked according to gender and age by basing on their V02 max. What this feature provides is an age relating to a user’s personal fitness level. When you exercise, you will then earn Fitness Points. It’s like a rewards system but instead of shopping, you will have to

When you exercise, you will then earn TomTom Fitness Points. It’s like a rewards system but instead of shopping, you will have to work out. Your goal must be 100 Fitness points each day or at least 500 Fitness Points per week. Do this regularly and your Fitness Age will improve according to TomTom.

For those serious about getting fit, TomTom Personalised Workouts can provide custom guidance depending on a person’s fitness level and exercise goals. There are fifty running and cycling workouts to choose from but each one will be adjusted to an individual’s fitness level.

TomTom also announced updates for its sports watch range. There’s Autopause that lets the watch to pause automatically when you stop moving and phone notifications that allow the user to see text messages and phone calls right on your watch.

Expect these new features to roll out on the TomTom Sports app and Cardio Sports devices starting this month.