Todoist is one popular app that can be integrated with a lot of related productivity tools. Busy professionals from all over the world have been using the app that allows them to manage small business and organizations and simply get things done. Whether you’re a regular employee, a student, manager, teacher, a mother, or a CEO of top brand, you can use the Todoist to help you keep track of your team or family and be able to accomplish more tasks in the quickest time possible.

You’ll never forget any scheduled meeting, assignment, or project with Todoist because the app will remind you that you need to finish a lot of things. No doubt, this app has been enabling you to be the busy, productive, efficient, and successful person you ought to be. To celebrate some of the app’s milestones as we noted a few months ago, the Todoist devs have decided to update the logo and do a design and UI overhaul. This change also signifies the community’s new visual identity when it comes to creativity and passion for meaningful work.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see the developments on the branding including the logo, color scheme, blog, websites, and typeface. The company’s mission–To build a tool that can help anyone achieve more every day–will be more evident in the materials that are presented to us.

The new Todoist logo looks like this:

todoist logo

The design shows a stronger brand. The classic checkmark perfectly shows that you can accomplish many things with Todoist. The red color was maintained but now slightly lighter while the three checks represent three things: Plan, Action, and Result.

The Todoist team changed the typeface used to Graphik font from the recognizable Open Sans. This font is still ‘distraction-free’ as described. On the company’s blog and website, the typeface, imagery, content, and color scheme have been updated as well.

todoist website

The changes also include redesigned Todoist apps across different platforms. Whether you use Todoist from your mobile phone, computer, or as a plug-in, you’ll notice the obvious developments including a brighter design, more color schemes, more customization options, ability to add tasks faster, add advanced recurring due dates, Attach comments with Quick Comment, Quick Find features, and better mobile management.

Download Todoist from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Todoist