Barnes and Noble’s latest version of their Android based e-reader was announced last week with a ship date of “around” June 10. Today, it appears they were using “around” pretty loosely, as pre-orders have already shipped. Barnes and Noble has said that any other orders placed will continue to ship right away, emphasizing that they will arrive in time for Father’s Day gifts.

The newest NOOK goes back to its e-reader roots. Forsaking the color LCD screen of the NOOKColor, this model features a 6″ e-ink screen, which will allow the Nook to reportedly go 2 months without a charge. Orders are shipping today, but if you want to try out the new e-reader before buying it, demo units will be available in stores as early as tomorrow, and will be for sale in physical stores starting this weekend.

Since this NOOK uses the more energy efficient e-ink technology, it is clearly focused more on the sole purpose of reading. It also means that this model almost certainly won’t have near the developer support that it’s NOOKColor cousin has. It is a great example though of how Android is flexible as an operating system, and not limited to powering phones.

New York, New York – June 1, 2011 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, announced that it began shipping its All-New NOOK yesterday, getting pre-ordered devices to customers well ahead of schedule. New online orders for The Simple Touch Reader are now shipping immediately for delivery in time for Father’s Day and summer reading. Customers visiting one of Barnes & Noble’s more than 700 stores will be able to try live NOOK demonstration units beginning Thursday, and will find product in-stock in stores beginning this weekend.

The All-New NOOK, introduced by Barnes & Noble just last week, is the easiest-to-use, most intuitive eReader available, with best-in-class battery performance of up to 2 months on a single charge. The device is ultra-light and portable and features a 6-inch full touchscreen with the most advanced E Ink Pearl display for crisp, clear reading even in bright sunlight. NOOK customers can access the world’s largest bookstore of more than 2 million books, magazines and newspapers, available via Wi-Fi®. The All-New NOOK is $139 in Barnes & Noble stores and online at

“We’re excited with pre-order demand for the All-New NOOK to date and are very pleased to deliver this easy-to-use device to our customers earlier than committed,” said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble. “We welcome customers to visit their neighborhood Barnes & Noble store to learn more about NOOK and experience our new light, portable, touch eReader.”