Here’s a new strategy game I’m sure not only adults will love. Kids will find the Tiny Guardians cute and easy to play. Perhaps this could be that game that will introduce the young children to the beauty of RPG and strategy games. You need to download this strategy tower defense game to know it’s beyond adorable. Interestingly, this TD game has no tower. You just need to strategize. Choose to be a tiny hero and defend yourself from the enemies. It will be one epic adventure as you travel through the wilderness of Prism.

Be prepared to encounter enemies of all sorts from mysterious circus folks to molten enemiers to eerie creatures and wild beasts. You’ll meet them along the way as you search for the Sorceress who is actually your missing aunt.

You’re a tiny guardian who can summon other guardians to defend Lunalie against different enemies. Heed the call to unlock twelve guardian classes and more than 40 types of enemies so you can expand your collection of intricately-designed cards. Four levels are upgradable. All these and more will allow for diverse strategies needed to finish the game and make every gameplay a different but exciting experience. You need to come up with different strategies to defeat every one of them.

Some say this is very similar to Kingdom Rush and Anomaly 2. That description alone is enough for you to download and try playing game, only to see the uncanny similarities. Some levels even feature special event and unique fights as well. Game cards are gorgeously illustrated cards as described by the developer Kurechii. Your achievements are actually saved and integrated with Google Play services so you won’t have to play each level over and over again.

Download Tiny Guardians from the Google Play Store