Timex Metropolitan R

Timex is a known name in the smartwatch business. We cannot say it is popular in the smartwatch industry as we only remember the Timex IQ+ Move. That was in the year 2016 and a lot has happened since then. This week, we are learning about new Timex smartwatches as the company collaborates with Huami. Two new watches are ready for your liking: the Timex Metropolitan R and the Timex Metropolitan S. These two are obviously different in design and shape.

The Timex Metropolitan R and the Timex Metropolitan S differ in shape. The R version comes with a round touchscreen display while the Metropolitan S is a lot like the Apple Watch with its rectangular shape. These watches do not run on Wear OS. This means it doesn’t have any Google nor Android in its system.

The watch seems to run on AMAZFIT. It’s a built-in system that we’re not sure where is from. But then we’ve also read some information the AMAZFIT has only appeared on a pre-production unit.

Details are scarce but the Timex Metropolitan S and Timex Metropolitan R may run on something Huami is working on. It could really be related to Amazfit since the Amazfit smartwatch is by Huami. The brand backed by Xiaomi has recently introduced the Amazfit X Smartwatch.

Timex Metropolitan S in Rose Gold

Timex will officially launch the new smartwatches on June 10. It will feature “software that was developed in partnership with Huami”. The smartwatches will start at $179. Now that is affordable compared to what other brands are offering.


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