Timehop, as a service, has been around for many years now. But given the app just recently arrived in the Play Store, it may be one that flew under the radar of many Android users. The premise here is simple, Timehop takes you back in time. The app is one that you’ll only need to launch once per day, and it will show you what you were doing one, two, three and four years earlier.

We suspect people will have different reasons for wanting to use Timehop, but we can tell you that it provides a fun and easy way to look back and see what you were doing. It is kind of nice to be able to see images or thoughts from one (or two, three or four) years earlier. This is made even better because it requires little effort on your part — Timehop pretty much does it all for you.

When you first download and install the app you will need to connect other services. The process is pretty quick and painless — just tap the service you want to connect and then login with your credentials. Timehop connects with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. There is also an option to connect the Photo Gallery on your device.

Because you are connecting outside services, you’ll be able to begin enjoying Timehop from the very beginning. Well, that is assuming you have been using those other services. Once the initial setup has been done, you then launch Timehop once per day to get an updated look back. Timehop even sends you a notification to remind you.

Anyway, a simple app/service, but one we suggest checking out if you are the type that enjoys looking back in time. As for us, we enjoy the look back as it shows what we were doing with the kids, places we may have visited, and sometimes we even get a laugh. Like today for example, Timehop offered a reminder about Draw Something.

Those interested in Timehop will be able to find it using this Google Play Store link.