Tile UWB

Tile may be challenging Apple anytime soon–or is the other way around? Apple’s AirTags may have a new rival once Tile announces its new product. Nothing is official yet but it could be a new Tile tracker that will not depend on Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike old Tile trackers, the new version will use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, as well as, augmented reality. With the help of the Tile mobile app, users may be able to find devices more easily and conveniently. At the moment, some Android phones and iPhone models already use this technology.

UWB is similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being short-range. It’s a wireless communication protocol that works at very high frequencies. What makes it more special is that it can capture directional and spatial data. You can say it’s best for item finders like Tile trackers.

The UWB model of Tile will still look like the Tile Pro and Tile Mate. What will be different is the technology. It will still be square with a button at the center. The back is flat so you can easily mount it on the wall with an adhesive.

New Tile Tracker with UWB

The upcoming Tile will still work the same. You can attach the tracker to almost anything like bags, luggage, remote controls, or keys. Only the technology will be improved.

Tile UWB Concept ImageWith UWB, the process will be fast and more convenient. It can be located even when outside. It can locate an item even if you don’t hear the ring.

In the near future, the Tile mobile app will work with AR-enabled cameras. It will then guide the user to locate items using overlays.