Tile must really believe in their product and in the network as it is now offering a subscription plan that will give you money if it cannot find the thing you attached their tracker to. The Premium Protect plan is an upgraded version of its already existing Premium subscription. It has all the perks of the latter but the major addition is an item reimbursement of up to $1,000 per year if it can’t find the item it’s attached to.

If you’re a big Tile user, you probably know about their Premium subscription which brings you smart alerts for items the Bluetooth tracker is attached to, free battery replacements, unlimited sharing, extended location history for up to 30 days, extended hardware warranty and premium care. Now with the Premium Protect plan, you still get all of that plus the additional benefit of item reimbursement if they can’t find your device in seven days.

Those who subscribe to this service will be able to register their items by uploading a photo of it and naming it. If it somehow gets lost and Tile is not able to locate it within seven days, you can already start making a claim. You will have to be subscribed at least 30 days and your lost item should have a working battery in the tracker. Your request will be approved and payment will be received within 3-5 days.

There are of course some exceptions to the items that they will reimburse. You cannot claim for things like commercial paper, antiques, drones, pets (!), prescription and non-prescription drugs, firearms, etc. Aside from the Bluetooth trackers that you can attach, there are also somewith Tile support already built into the product like some devices for Bose, Anker, and Sennheiser.

The Premium Protect plan will cost you $99.99 per year and is in partnership with Cover Genius. It will also be available for the aforementioned Tile-supported products. The Premium subscription is also still available at $29.99 per year.