In a sea of options for wearables out there, the TicWatch Pro 4G brings true value for money proposition. The smartwatch scores extra points on ingenuity with its dual display which saves battery in a smart manner. The monochrome LCD displays essential functions like time and date, while the AMOLED color display is used for showing high-quality elements like watch faces. Depending on the usage of both these screens the smartwatch can last for up to 30 days on a single charge.

Tech reviewer “JerryRigEverything” known for his DIY skills and intriguing teardowns recently received some TicWatch Pro 4G units for a giveaway. The reviewer placed one of the units under the scalpel to reveal what’s inside this cool piece of technology. The teardown revealed some interesting results.

The casing of the Google Wear-powered smartwatch was not very difficult to dismantle and Jerry opened it up to reveal the 415mAh battery. Sensors, motherboard, battery, and other hardware we found very smartly placed and connected to the hardware like plug-and-play elements, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. That said, the AMOLED display underneath the transparent LCD display was seen firmly attached to the watch dial glass.

Jerry had to use brute force to remove the AMOLED display glued securely to the layer above it. In the process, the AMOLED destroyed since it was very fragile and the LCD‘s liquid also leaked. Basically, the unit was practically destroyed in the quest.

Jerry also tested the waterproofing capability of the smartwatch in extreme temperature by putting the watch dial (without the straps) inside ice-cold water for the length of the operation on the other sacrificed watch. When he took the watch out, it was perfectly fine and all the touchscreen functions worked well.


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