Octo-core smartphones are on their way, and upstart MediaTek is leading the way. Typically offering lower-cost processors, MediaTek is rarely seen on flagship devices such as the HTC One or Nexus line. They do, however, make their mark overseas, and in some mid-range devices domestically.

One such device seeing the new octo-core offering from MediaTek is the THL Monkey King 2. Awesome name aside, this one packs a serious punch, as a true Monkey King would. The 5-inch 1080p display from last year’s Monkey King (shown above) is sticking around, as well as the dual 13 megapixel cameras. Like last year, this one is expected to have a removable battery.

Though MediaTek is first to market with a true octo-core chipset, they may not make a splash beyond the Asian markets. Qualcomm is also working on an octo-core SoC, which we expect to see on phones in other markets already proliferating with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon lineup. MediaTek does have about 28 devices ready to get their new monster chipset, and the Monkey King is arguably the most sought after.

We can expect to find ourselves in octo-core heaven sometime early next year, with MediaTek already working their way into various chipsets. Samsung has already begun toying with true octo-core chips, but have yet to get it nailed down. MediaTek’s offering is a bit underpowered from what was imagined, but shows that it can be done.