Octo-core processors are coming, and MediaTek is at the forefront of the revolution. We’ve heard some rumblings about their new processor coming to the next Samsung device, and a revelation that benchmarks have come out for the processors could mean they’re closer to reality than we know.

Three devices were benchmarked using the MediaTek MT6592, though which devices those are is not known. It could be a MediaTek reference device, or something in the works that isn’t ready for primetime. For benchmarking purposes, the same device would have been used for all three scores.

The benchmarks all have to do with different screen resolutions, with full HD, 720P, and WUXGA making an appearance via benchmarking. Of course, those different resolutions will yield different results, and show where the true prowess of the octo-core processors lies. The three scores were all acheived using AnTuTu.

The full HD scored a very impressive 28,198, and led the pack. The 720P wasn’t far behind, clocking an equally impressive 27,442. The WUXGA, which is the highest resolution of the three, yielded an understandably lower 14,582. WUXGA is essentially 4K video, and benchmarking the octo-core versus that standard gives a hint of what we can expect from both in tandem.

As a reference, the LG G2 was benchmarked on AnTuTu at 35,376. The Sony Xperia Z1 scored a 30,383. Both run Snapdragon processors, giving another reference for how the MediaTek octo-core shapes up. The Galaxy S4 benchmarked at 24,701, while the HTC One clocks in at 23,308.