This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about iRobot. It’s been years seen we were introduced to the Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner by iRobot. It’s the first ever robo-vacuum cleaner we know which has started the smart vacuum game. There’s also the Braava mopping robots that make cleaning fun and exciting. This year, iRobot is venturing into smart home care again by launching the iRobot Terra Robot Mower. Now that’s something we’ve been wanting to have. If there’s a robot vacuum, surely, there is a way for a robot lawn mower to come into existence.

The Terra robot mower uses the same Imprint Smart Mapping technology to the lawn. You can customize or schedule the mowing tasks depending on the time you want.

With the iRobot HOME App, you can access the robot mower and schedule when you want the lawn mowed. The iRobot Imprint Smart Mapping tech enables the mower to know its location, where it is going, and cut using a straight line or systematic navigation.

This is the future of lawn mowing. We have a feeling other brands will quickly follow.

You see, the smart home robot industry is still considered young but we have plenty of choices now. iRobot already has an ecosystem of connected devices, robots, and tech so it’s just easy for the company to develop and transform something into a more useful gadget.

Download iRobot Mower from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: iRobot