From Samsung to upstarts like Omate, everyone’s rushing to the smartwatch game. Whether you have one, want one, or are fairly removed from the situation, wearable technology is about to be the new proving ground for mobile technology. As we wade through the early entrants, we’re still waiting on heavy hitters like google or Apple to make their mark.

Anxiously, we wait for the true Android smartwatch from Google. We’ve heard rumors about it being Google Now based (yes, please), but still have nothing concrete. There is another Android smartwatch coming this December. This one is from the Android watch company, and will run — you guessed it — Android.

Their introductory commercial, which you can see below, is flashy and light on details. To us, it looks like a Pebble, except it has a color screen. It doesn’t seem to do much more than push notifications and let you make calls (probably via tethering to your phone). There is no pricing mentioned, either — just a timeframe of “December”.

It’s another in a long line of smartwatches to… watch… but it’s probably not going to make a big splash. If the price is right, they could move some units. If they support the Developers who support them, it could be that much better. If something from the likes of Google or Apple hits this holiday season, this one could be D.O.A.
VIA: Android Mixer