Pebble has a smartwatch, as do several others including Sony. Samsung recently confirmed plans and we have seen other recent introductions such as the cross-platform VEAbuddy announced in the not to distant past. The other side of this smartwatch story deals with rumors though. We have seen rumors about an Apple smartwatch and now it looks like we have rumors of Google.

Yes, the latest smartwatch rumor claims that Google is building one of their own. The details are coming by way of a recent Financial Times report which notes that; “Google’s smart watch is being developed by its Android unit.” Aside from the bit about the Google smartwatch coming from the Android team, the unnamed source has said it will “act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system.”

Assuming the Google smartwatch does come available, it sounds like it will be running Android. Otherwise, the details are rather light at the moment. The bit about it running Android does sound interesting though and if nothing else that piece alone could give it a leg up on the current front runner Pebble. At least for those using an Android smartphone anyway.

Time will tell exactly what Google has planned and just what the watch will look like and perhaps more important — how it will function. And while this does not guarantee Google will release a smartwatch, the fact that it is being developed by the Android team, as opposed to the Google X laboratories (like Glass) does appear to give it a bit more credibility in terms of being a real product.

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