Themer launched earlier in the month and as we often see with items that require an invitation — there was quite a bit of hype surrounding the launch. For those that somehow missed that, Themer is a launcher replacement that allows you to quickly and easily customize your Android handset. While the Themer team has yet to take the app out of beta status, they have graduated from private to public.

The app is not expected to be perfect, but users can request and get an invitation immediately. Basically, the waiting list has been removed. Those wishing to get going with Themer can surf to the website, enter your email address and have an access code sent immediately.

The available themes range from the beautiful to look at, to some that are based Breaking Bad or Reddit and even Super Mario. There is also one that will have your Android handset looking like it is running iOS 7. We aren’t sure how many Android users want to go that route, but the option is available just in case.

Anyway, the Themer app can be found by way of the Play Store and requires Android 4.1 or later for use. The app is free and has already seen a steady stream of updates making improvements. We took a look at Themer shortly after it launched and while there was a few issues, the overall experience was pretty solid.

VIA: The Next Web