Pimping up your smartphone might have just gotten a lot easier with the latest Themer update. This popular customizable Android homescreen has just implemented one of the most requested features by its growing number of users: the ability to use icon packs.

Themer has come a long way since it came into existence last year, bringing with it the promise of truly personalized Android homescreens. Unlike other homescreens that lets you customize your smartphone, Themer’s call to fame is actually the community and collection of reusable themes that was cultivated around it.

But while Themer allowed users to easily share and use other people’s themes, it really only managed to do so for homescreens themselves. Changing icons remained mostly a manual process. Now that is a thing of the past. The Themer developers have added support for easily installing and switching between icon packs, which will be applied to icons in the app drawer as well as the Smart Categories. Users simply need to go the App Drawer tab, tap on Manage App Drawer and then Set Icon Pack. Themer will recognized any installed icon pack from Google Play Store. One nitpick with this implementation is that users will have to go to Google Play Store themselves to hunt for icon packs. In Aviate’s implementation, there is an option to search for icon packs directly from the launcher’s menu, which will then proceed to start Google Play Store with the appropriate search terms. Definitely a small detail that makes users’ lives more convenient.

The update also brings some other changes, like improved support for Spanish and Mandarin and bug fixes here and there. Themer is, of course, available for free on Google Play Store but is still currently in beta, so expect more changes along the way, and maybe even a few bugs.

SOURCE: Themer
Download: Themer Beta on Google Play Store