With cameras, it’s almost always “you get what you pay for”, so people kinda know what to expect when buying one (although it is nice to be surprised from time to time). Especially with virtual reality/360-degree cameras, you have the low end of the market which will give you just about what you expect, of the ultra-high end which will give you nice images but totally destroy your savings. So HumanEyes is aiming to fill the gap in between with a capable “prosumer” camera, and it will be the Vuze 3D 360 VR camera.


HumanEyes is clearly marketing this gadget as a “point-and-shoot” camera, so we’re talking about daily use, for ordinary consumer users who want a 360 camera to take on their cruise or hiking trip. It’s a bit more robust in tech and features than the Theta S camera (USD$349.00), but definitely more handy and affordable than the higher end Nokia OZO (USD$60,000) or the GoPro Omni VR (around USD$10,000). Depending on how big your pockets are, the Vuze 3D 360 VR camera will probably fit in there.


The feature set is designed definitely for speed and not for definitive image quality, although the 8 full HD cameras – two on each side, each with 120-degree horizontal/180-degree vertical fields of view – will still give you stunning detail. The setup allows the device to capture stereoscopic 360 videos in 4K resolution at 30fps. That should be pretty much enough for the normal Joe Consumer looking for something new to play with on his skiing trip.


HumanEyes also markets this with “near real-time processing” through its Vuze Studio app. This app will stitch your footage together, and based on the test footage available, the stitching isn’t quite seamless. The fact is, the algorithm is designed for speed, not quality – so you get your video and be able to upload it to the internet in a relatively tolerable amount of time.


The Vuze VR camera will set you back around USD$799 – while not cheap, it’s definitely more affordable than most. It’s not that cheap too, that you can expect a good amount of features to help you get good content out. It will be competing in this niche with the Samsung Gear 360, which is priced around USD$599.