The Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera was released commercially in South Korea a few weeks ago. A lot of people are anticipating for it and are excited that it will bring the unique 360-degree videos. Samsung is one of those companies who are aggressively advancing the virtual reality game and with this camera, anyone can make such dizzying videos to send to anyone or use to capture important milestones in a different dimension.

To review, Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera features dual lens (front and rear 180 degree lenses), 3840 x 1920 high resolution, ability to take 30MP photos, 1GB onboard storage, microSD card slot for memory expansion up to 128GB, IP53-certification, DRIMe5s chipset, 0.5-inch display, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, and a 1350mAh battery. The special camera works with a Samsung Gear VR Headset and a companion app on a Galaxy device. Watching the 360 videos on the Gear VR is one unique video experience. You can also view the videos on your Galaxy phone or tablet. To explore the video, just tilt and move the device around.

The Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera works with a companion app.  You can now pre-order for tpa in the United Kingdom through Mobile Fun for only $432.99. We still don’t know when this product will ever reach the US but we’ll let you know soon.

VIA: Mobile Fun