The Traveler is a trip journal app created at Ball State University. The Android app isn’t new, however there has recently been a companion Glassware app released. The Google Glass app goes by the same name — The Traveler, and can be found in the Glassware section of MyGlass.

The Glassware version of The Traveler is described as having been created for “anyone who wants to capture their experience in one seamless package.” The description also makes it clear this is to be used as a companion to the Android app. But having said that, users will be able to benefit from the hands-free experience that is available with Google Glass.

This includes everything from capturing and saving images, to recording notes about your experience with your voice. Of course, similar to other Glassware apps, users have the option to tap and scroll as opposed to using only your voice. Bottom line here, if you are already using The Traveler app on Android and happen to have Glass — this sounds like Glassware you’ll want to grab.

The Traveler for Android can be found in the Google Play Store. The companion Glassware app can be found in the Glassware section of MyGlass using this link.

Otherwise, while we cannot say new Glass apps are coming at a rapid fire pace — there have been a few new releases in the previous weeks. We’ve seen the Shop X grocery app, and also the Watchup app arrive. Shop X is aimed at those wearing Glass while grocery shopping and Watchup brings news video viewing to your wearable.