While large screen Android TV models are getting more and more common these days, there are still very few large TVs that have touchscreen controls. Not that most people would want really want to swipe and tap on the screen of their TVs, but the people at Touchjet feel that they might want that option just in case. Enter the Touchjet WAVE, an Android device that turns your dumb but large TV into a smart touchscreen one.

So as you may have surmised, the device really does nothing to change the screen on your TV. Instead, the device is installed on your TV and uses sensors to detect your swiping and tapping motions. The Touchjet WAVE is actually an Android device – it is powered by a 2.0GHz quad-core processor, supported by 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. What makes it work is the laser sensor that turns any TV screen from 20 inches to 65 inches into a veritable touchscreen Android device.

The Touchjet WAVE also comes with a mobile app that doubles as control center and also turns your smartphone into a remote for your new “touchscreen” TV. And since it is an Android device – a bit disappointingly still on Android 4.4 Kitkat – you can install your apps on the device and enjoy Android TV-like operations.

The Touchjet WAVE is available at BestBuy for the premium price of USD$300. We ourselves are not convinced of the device, but if you have 300 dollars to spare, you can maybe try it. Our main argument is that for that price, there are more capable Android TV boxes that can do the job, albeit without the novelty of “touchscreen” operations.

SOURCE: Touchjet


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