Android TV

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console now available at the Play Store

Starting today, graphics and device manufacturer NVIDIA have announced that North American customers can now purchase their NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV directly from the Google Play Store. It took a while for what is currently the world’s most powerful Android device in the market to get to Google’s online portal, but it’s there now.

High performance SHIELD games get SHIELD Android TV compatibility

Don’t you just hate it when NVIDIA plainly tells you that your device is not good enough for a specific game? And no, we don’t mean that in a relational/metaphysical way – a device’s feelings is tough enough for that (haha) – we mean that in a “your specs are not robust enough” for this game way. There are several games out there that are playable only on an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with its Tegra K chip and 256-core GPU. But rejoice now, because if you bought that (relatively) affordable NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, some of these games are now available for you. Click on the link titles to download.

SHIELD Android TV now offers more apps, $25 off remote

If everyone had SHIELD Android TV at home, probably most of us would never leave our houses right? No? Okay, that maybe just us. But if you do have one and have more discipline than us, or if you’re planning to get one and hole up in your man caves or she sheds (yes, that’s a thing now!), then you’ll be happy to know that you now have more apps to choose from to enhance your viewing or gaming experience on your SHIELD. Plus, you’ll get $25 savings on your SHIELD Remote for a limited time only.

Razer’s Serval game controller now in the Google Play Store

If you’re a big time gamer on mobile or Android TV and you’re looking for a gaming controller to give you better accuracy, timing and jumps on those pesky fighting games, shooters, and endless runners, you better invest in a good one. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Razer, such a hip and cool name in all things gaming, and their great new Android gaming controller – the Razer Serval – is now available via the Google Play Store.

Xiaomi makes other products too, rolls out the Mi TV 2S in China

In case you don't know, Xiaomi doesn't just make smartphones. The company also manufactures other devices like TVs and only recently, a water purifier. We're not much interested in the latter because the brand's latest 4K TV has captured our attention. Officially called as the Xiaomi Mi TV 2S, this new device boasts of a 48-inch 4K display screen in a 9.9mm thick aluminium frame. This thinness of the TV seems impossible but the Chinese company was able to make it a reality.

View your EPIX movies, videos on your Android TV in new app

There will really come a day (or maybe it's already here?) when we will watch our favorite videos like movies, TV shows, concerts, not on an actual TV screen anymore, but on our mobile devices, whenever we want. But there is still a certain that would prefer to do so on bigger screens than their smartphones or tablets, but still whenever they want and not on network or cable TV but on demand. EPIX says it is the first premium network to be on Android TV and this might start a trend.

Razer’s Forge TV console shows up at the Google Play Store

You would think that it being called the Google Play Store, they would specifically offer only Google products, like say – the Nexus Player. But stranger things have happened, and right now we’re seeing Razer’s very own android TV gaming console being sold at the Play Store, even if it (kinda) competes with Google’s own (ASUS-made) Nexus Player.
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