Android TV

View your EPIX movies, videos on your Android TV in new app

There will really come a day (or maybe it's already here?) when we will watch our favorite videos like movies, TV shows, concerts, not on an actual TV screen anymore, but on our mobile devices, whenever we want. But there is still a certain that would prefer to do so on bigger screens than their smartphones or tablets, but still whenever they want and not on network or cable TV but on demand. EPIX says it is the first premium network to be on Android TV and this might start a trend.

Razer’s Forge TV console shows up at the Google Play Store

You would think that it being called the Google Play Store, they would specifically offer only Google products, like say – the Nexus Player. But stranger things have happened, and right now we’re seeing Razer’s very own android TV gaming console being sold at the Play Store, even if it (kinda) competes with Google’s own (ASUS-made) Nexus Player.

SteelSeries rolls out Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller

SteelSeries has been in the business of gaming controllers and peripherals since the early 2000s. This year, a new controller in the form of the Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller for Windows and Android will be ready to bring the best in Bluetooth-enabled and console-style controller for Android and Windows.

NVIDIA SHIELD gets its first Android TV update

NVIDIA is on a roll and it's busy shipping NVIDIA SHIELD units to those who pre-ordered the latest gaming device in gadget town. Not even less than a month, the device is getting an Android TV software update. It's the first ever and is probably the most beneficial right now because low battery notification for the SHIELD Remote has been added. It's one problem that's been frustrating current NVIDIA SHIELD players because the remote would run out without any warning that battery is already low.
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