Last time we heard something about the Archos 5 MID, someone had done a hack to gain access to the Android Market to get Google Apps like GMail, Talk, Maps, and more. And now pocketables has found it at RadioShack, it’s been sold for $249.99.

Apparently, the Archos 5 is an exclusive at The Shack for now, and they are offering it as “a media and GPS solution.” According to their website, you can “access the Internet, media and TV with the customizable Archos 5 Internet tablet. It has a modifiable interface that you can personalize with applications that reflect your taste and needs. And, it will help you get around with a built-in GPS device with maps of cities in 3D.”

You can watch digital TV, record programs and make scheduled recordings, just like a personal DVR, which some people call PVRs actually. There’s also a way to get recorded shows on larger TVs via an HDMI connection. And of course you can also use it to surf the Web with WiFi or 3.5G technology.