There’s always something to improve, or something to gain, every time someone hacks into a device. It appears someone has done just that to the Archos 5 MID, to gain access to the Android Market to get Google Apps like GMail, Talk, Maps, and more.

As many of you already know, the Archos 5 has its own app market, which goes by the name of AppsLib. We got news from sister site SlashGear on this hack to the Archos 5 in order to get the Google goodies we mentioned above, amongst other things.

The good folks over at jkkmobile have posted a guide to install the Android Market onto the Archos 5 MID. So if you are feeling lucky, or want to get more juice out of your Archos 5, well, you already know what to do. But remember, that if you decide to do any hacking to any of your devices, you do so at your own risk.