…or tougher, in fact. We’ve seen this trick performed before, but it’s nice to see that one of the most high-profile phones in the android world can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. We don’t know why this angry Russian man is hammering nails into a two-by-four with his shiny new HTC One X. We don’t really care, either. We just like to see good old-fashioned engineering start to make phones than can double as small home repair tools.

Of course, this is really more of a testament to the impressive strength of Gorilla Glass than anything else. Corning’s mega material makes up the front fascia of the HTC One X, which is exclusivity used for the video. It’s entirely possible that the polycarbonate casing would shatter the moment you tried to use it as a blunt instrument. It says something that we’ve reached the point where the screen of a device is its most dependable part – I can’t wait to see what people do with the Gorilla Glass 2 panel on the Galaxy S III.

Kids (and adults), don’t do this at home. Your limited manufacturer warranty does not cover using your phone to build a new deck. And it’s not as if phones make particularly good tools anyway, with the possible exception of a handy level or flashlight – it takes our model ages to “hammer” in a single nail. Of course, if you happen to be carrying a Rampage 6 military-grade tablet, we wouldn’t try to stop you.

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[via PhoneArena]