You remember those old westerns where the priest gets shot by the bad guy, but the bullet is dramatically stopped by the Bible he keeps in his breast pocket? We don’t really have a parallel for that today, but if you carry around the RAMPAGE 6 from SDG Systems, you might have a similar experience. This 5.7-inch, ultra-ruggedized smartphone-tablet hybrid was recently announced, and is intended for soldiers, scientists or anyone whose important work might occasionally include being in a live minefield.

Specs aren’t exactly inspiring, starting with the customized operating system: Android 2.3, which will be nearly two years old when the RAMPAGE 6 releases in the third quarter. The hardware runs on an 806mhz processor and just 256MB of memory. Storage is a little disappointing too at 4GB, though you can augment it with a full-sized SD card.

Other features include a IP67 water and dust-proof rating, WiFi and Bluetooth, a “2-5 meter” GPS receiver, and optional 3G and barcode scanners. (Why? Can’t you just use a cheap-o camera module?) Beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to specs, but beggars are hardly the target market: there’s no word on what the RAMPAGE 6 will cost when it comes out, but it’ll probably be more than your average walkie-talkie.

[via Engadget]