It’s that time of the year again when OnePlus is set to release a promo video to market the OnePlus 5T. Before the OnePlus 6 becomes part of the rumor mill, the Chinese OEM hopes to make money by selling the ‘T’ version of the latest flagship model. What better way to capture the attention of the millennials by launching yet another cringe-worthy commercial. This is the second time we’re cringing at a OnePlus ad. The last time was when an NSFW commercial was published and made us say “Nope. Nope. Nope.” many times.

The new video may be different from last year’s post but we think it still is cringe-worthy. Sorry, we just don’t like see two grown men in their boxers. Both guys are hairy and are being thrown cactuses (or is it cacti?!). We don’t think the plants are real but the main goal of the test is to launch all 20 apps. The first one to finish launching is the winner. So yeah, it’s more like a speed test too.

Thank you OnePlus for the warning.

Naaah. Is this ad for Target or OnePlus?

OnePlus 5T versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 8…

Really? Do people still use Skype?

Watch The Cactus Test below:

So which phone is the winner?