The extremely popular and addicting game Temple Run has recently launched a sequel as I’m sure you’ve all heard. Simply called Temple Run 2. Sadly in this day and age you’ll always have a select few people looking to bank on others success. Just as expected a few fakes have arrived on Google’s Play Store, but are quickly being removed by the good folks at Mountain View.

It’s a shame that this has to happen, but the openness of Google’s Android OS and the Play Store that many love is also the cause for these headaches. The developers of Temple Run 2 recently took to Twitter to mention their frustration. Later confirming and thanking Google for working swiftly to remove these dirty little fakes.

As you can see above from that original tweet from Imangi Studios CEO Keith Shepherd, avoid all these fakes and unofficial apps (even wallpapers) like the plague. At least until the official version hits the Google Play Store on January 24th. Obviously there will be Temple Run 2 help guides or wallpapers, but the “official game” has been appearing and are likely malware infested apps — just like this one.

Either make sure to search for the exact developer name (Imangi Studios) or just don’t download any apps until we post the official and legit download link come early morning Thursday. All those Temple Run HD apps and such are all fakes. This is just a public service announcement from your friendly Android Community team. Oh and in case you missed it, get our brand new Android Community App and stay tuned for plenty of Temple Run 2 news and reviews coming soon.


    • It isn’t malware infested if you don’t want it to be, if it is a game with a 1 star rating and access to send SMS messages, then it must be fishy. It is common sense.


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