A seemingly simple image in an earlier post sparked some questions. That earlier post was dealing with smartphone app downloads, however it seems some of the attention was directed to which case happened to be on the pictured Galaxy S III. To answer the question, the case is the D30 Impact Shell from a company called Tech21.

The company behind the case touts this as being able to offer “the ultimate impact protection” and while we are not all that keen on dropping or throwing a personal phone to put that to the test — we have seen what this impact fabric is capable of protecting against. You can get a look for yourself by checking out the video below, which comes courtesy of our sister site SlashGear. To give a teaser, you could wrap this around your finger, hit it with a hammer and not get hurt.

Basically, the D30 Impact Shell case offers a minimalistic design that wraps around the Galaxy S III. The case then has the impact fabric strung around the edges. While some of the color options may not have this quite as obvious, you can get a good look where the impact fabric is with this color scheme. With the exception of the controls and openings, the impact fabric wraps around the edge of the phone.


Otherwise, the case has an opening on the back for the camera, flash and speaker. The headphone jack, microphones and microUSB are also left open for easy access. The power button on the right side and the volume controls on the left side are both covered, but also very easy to access. Touching back on the minimalistic design, the phone snaps into the case and there is only a tiny bit that wraps around the front. Basically, just enough to keep the phone securely in place. And we can say that the case is held rather firmly.


Tech21 has the D30 Impact Shell case available in a variety of colors. At the moment the website looks to have black, smokey, white, blue and pink. The cases are selling for £29.99. All that said, we would go on to say how we really like the case, but that point may seem a bit obvious in the fact that we had already been using this on a daily basis and decided to write this post to share a bit more detail for those who happen to have been curious.