We just found out about the exploit this morning that TeamWin was working on and it looks like it didn’t take those smart devs very long because according to the latest tweet by Kevin Brucket as @agrabren he has now rooted two EVO 3D’s and one of those had the latest OTA update so both are looking pretty good.

We are still waiting for some sort of confirmation photo and I will update as soon as anything like that appears, but for now according to his tweets (I see no reason not to believe) he has now rooted a few EVO 3D phones. The thread over at XDA is now locked but will be opened as soon as they clean all the random posts people made the last few hours.

So there you have it, the HTC EVO 3D has now been rooted and hopefully more good things follow this shortly. We will keep on this story and as soon as we have some hard proof of actual root we will update accordingly.

[via Twitter]