Foldable phones turn to tablets so maybe that’s the reason why we haven’t really thought of foldable tablets. Apparently, it’s a new idea present by TCL. It’s nothing official yet but a roadmap by the company has been leaked recently. TCL, the company responsible for giving opportunities to BlackBerry and Alcatel to remain in the business, is believed to be working on a foldable design. It’s not just a foldable phone but a foldable tablet so expect it to be even bigger in size.

TCL is believed to be planning to release four new mobile devices. The first one will be a foldable model known this early as the Flextab. This smartphone-tablet is expected to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X as a foldable device.

A patent of the foldable phone-tablet has surfaced online, thanks to the CNIPA patent office. The patent was posted last August 16, 2019. It’s a phone that flexes into a tablet so you can say it is a foldable-phone-tablet.

The TCL foldable phone looks “normal”. By normal it means the device is just like any ordinary phone that is also easy to carry and use. When unfolded, the device turns into a tablet as made possible by the DragonHinge.

The TCL Flextab may also come with a triple rear camera system with LED flash. The speakers are placed at the bottom. A USB Type-C is found in the middle of those speakers while at the top is the headphone jack.

Another illustration has also emerged which means TCL has been working on more than one design. A phone-tablet appears to fold lengthwise instead of the usual crosswise.

TCL is usually quiet when it comes to upcoming products but showing patent applications is nothing new. The Flextab may be announced at the IFA 2019 next month. Let’s wait and see.