Tasker is evolving by the day to give users – who like customizing their devices – more reasons to play around. Back in October, we saw the beta rollout of Tasker’s new update, which made possible to disconnect a call even before the phone began ringing. According to new information, the update version 5.11.13 has finally rolled out and users can now download it to tinker around with from Google Play Store or from APK Mirror.

Adding on to its image of being a refined way to provide advance functionality to a handset, the latest update brings features like call screening to the fore. Additionally, users can now enjoy easier project imports and new variables have been added for tasks, files, and more.

The highlight feature of course is the call screening. This takes advantage of the CallScreeningService API and allows you to block calls from a certain user(s). For instance, you can block calls from someone who is not on your contact list. It can now also be configured to block calls in any situation you like – at a particular time or even in a particular location.

Man behind Tasker, developer João Dias informs that Wi-Fi toggling works have been changed in compliance with Google’s policies, therefore users may contact him via email to fix the issue after updating to the new version. Unfortunately, the update which also brings a new loading animation will be available for smartphones running Android 10 and above only.

With the update, it will become easier to import projects and toggle between different types of inputs such as file, date or time, and color. You can now effortlessly control the color of the lights or maybe select a time when you want your phone to go silent. After updating to the new Tasker, users will now also be able to set multiple variables in a single Taster action.