Tasker is probably one of the most multi-faceted and endlessly useful app in the Play Store, due to its infinite potential in task automation in Android devices. Add to that an extensive plug-in system and even other apps and web services can integrate and take advantage of Tasker’s capabilities. But to be honest, the development of the app over the past few years have slowed down. This is why it is a bit exciting to see the development transferred over to the legendary João Dias, himself a popular developer of Tasker plugins.

Dias is known for AutoApps, a line of Tasker plugins that have been popular in the Tasker community for a number of years now. Pent, the current development lead, made an official post over at the Tasker Google Group confirming that ownership of the software will be transferred over to Dias. “I’m very. very happy to announce that over the coming months João Dias will be taking over Tasker,” pent wrote. “Transfer of the app to its new Play Store account is already achieved. Website, development and support will follow over the coming days,” he added.

Dias also sounded pretty excited in his official statement confirming the transfer. Here’s what he had to say:

This is João Dias and I’m the developer of the AutoApps and Join. Maybe you’ve heard of them if you’ve been using Tasker for a while.

It is with GREAT pleasure that I can announce that I’m going to be taking over Tasker! This means that I’m going to be developing it from now on!

First of all this is a huge honor for me. Tasker was the app that made me want to buy an Android phone in the first place. It was the first app I bought on Google Play. When I first heard about it, it made my head spin with the possibilities it allowed. I still remember reading the Usage Examples on the Tasker website and literally spending days imagining what I would do with it once I got my hands on an Android device. It was so far beyond what was possible on my then “Smart” Nokia device that my little programming brain couldn’t stop thinking about it.
And now I’m humbled to be in charge of it! I hope I can continue evolving it and keep it always fresh and exciting for you! I have a few plans for it already but please don’t expect anything major soon. Give me a few weeks/months (with Pent’s help) to get accustomed to Tasker’s code. I know I’m going to be terrified to break anything in the app in the first few releases ?

I’ve been a part of Tasker for some time now, with all my AutoApps, so I know it pretty well from the outside. Of course it’s going to be a different story when I get to look at it from the inside, but I’m confident all will fall in place and I’ll be able to put out some great new features in the future ?

I hope you can join me on this new adventure and never forget to Automate Your Life!

If you are still a Tasker user to this day, this can only mean good things for the app. Watch out in the next few months as Dias is sure to be introducing new things to the Tasker app.