If you like automating your Android smartphone, you probably know what Tasker does. In addition to letting you block calls from someone who is not on your contact list at any particular time or location, Tasker has now been tweaked to call tasks from the app through Google Assistant. A fun way to interact with and get things done through Tasker, the app now allows you to simply say Ok Google, run my task (any task name) in/with Tasker.

The support for Google Assistant is added in the latest publically available 5.11.14 update. The app allows voice interaction using a few prefixes including run, start, do, set, or send – the developer is also working on adding turn to the list – and has opened it to users to suggest other terms they consider useful.

So, you can ask the app to turn on my PC with Tasker, have it send screenshot to PC, or start resume playing (music) in Tasker amid a few other tasks. Interestingly, the app can also be used to execute tasks by voice to set a couple of variables at the same time.

This means you can say “something like run my task with something and other,” this sets the variable %par1 to “something” and %par2 to other. Using the Tasker Pattern Matching one can have more control over the voice commands through Assistant Action.

For instance, you can get the Assistant to ‘start turn off of lights in 10 minutes with Tasker.’ The event will trigger Tasker to wait for 10 minutes before turning off the lights. The voice commands in Tasker seem all and good, but there’s a catch, this support is only limited to English language for now – owing to the limitation of Assistant App Actions.