Any pirate-themed game listed on the Google Play Store, little boys will find interesting. We’ve played and featured dozens already with the last one, ‘Sandstorm: Pirate Wars’, making us more hungry for adventure. Before that we learned how to become great rulers of the seven seas in Pirate Empire. This time, you can become the King of the Pirates with Click Pirates.

This new role playing mobile game will have you sailing the seven seas (again!). A new adventure awaits if you’re ready to face monsters while you gather more treasures and magical artifacts. Along the way, you need to gather your crew by searching for new heroes. The goal of the game is to loot as much as you can. Prove to all men that you are the greatest pirate by finishing all the enemies. All you need to do is to click and tap on the screen endlessly. The faster you click, the more gold doubloons you can get to avail more powerful items.

You can also unlock more skills with all your riches and prepare for a more challenging battle with the Bosses. The captain, that’s you in this game, can level up by simply unlocking five powerful skills. You don’t know what are those skills exactly but you’ll figure them out as you go further into the game and explore more worlds.

Download Clicker Pirates from the Google Play Store