People always hungry for adventure will find ‘Sandstorm: Pirate Wars’ another satisfying challenging. As with any game from Ubisoft Entertainment, this features challenges you think you wouldn’t survive. Pirates are hard to deal with but you are one in Sandstorm. All you need to do is show the opponents that you are the best and the most powerful in all lands. Yes, you are ruthless but you’ve got to be one in order to complete your missions.

Lead in real-time battles as you navigate ships. You’ve got all the weapons you need to prove your skills. Game is actually a post-apocalyptic adventure where one needs to be smart and strategic in combat all the time. It’s another multiplayer that will make you gather your friends and challenge them as pirates. Challenge one another to reach the top. Make sure you fight with all your might, otherwise, you’d easily lose and won’t finish in victory.

Sandstorm Pirate Wars features impressive 3D graphics that will probably make you dizzy. Feel free to choose from more than 100 weapons and build the kind of sandcruiser you think would survive the savage lands. Customizing your ships and weapons will make a big difference and will give you a higher chance of winning each and every battle.

You will be tasked to finish several missions, most of them are really dangerous. We’re warning you: this could be highly addictive especially if you are into pirate adventure games. It’s a post-apocalyptic adventure that will challenge your skills. Every battle is brutal as everyone is fighting hard to live. You’d better be ready. Prove to everyone that you are the most fearless pirate of all.

Game is free to download but in-app items are offered. Play this game and you’ll notice the stunning background music that won a ‘Best Music and Sound 2015’ award from the Spanish Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy. Game is available in three languages: Spanish, French, and English only.

Download Sandstorm: Pirate Wars from the Google Play Store