Barely a month after landing its apps on Android, developer Klinker Apps has just announced version 1.3 of its Talon for Twitter app. Though the time period has been relatively short, this update boasts of quite a few useful new features and improvements already.

For those who might have missed the news, Talon for Twitter is one of two apps that Klinker Apps have brought over to Android early January. What makes Talon and its sibling EvolveSMS peculiar is the use of a sliding style of interaction that has become somewhat common these days. Not to mention that the apps are also nice to look at.

The list of changes for version 1.3 of Talon for Twitter is quite long, but a few bear mentioning. One of Talon’s unique features is support for live tweet streams, which has now been improved by automatically loading tweets if you are at the very top of the timeline. There has also been an addition of support for external services such as TwitLonger, TweetMarker, and TwitPic. Images from Instagram, TwitPic and Imgur are now also displayed in higher quality while text can now be set to a large 30 font size. There are some added conveniences like being able to share individual links mentioned in a tweet or being able to reply to your own tweet. Of course, there are the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, as well as some changes that the developer has forgotten to mention.

The new version Twitter for Talon should be rolling out to users already and mow might be a good time for those interested to check it out. Klinker Apps left a very mysterious note that they are working on something very interesting for the app so that might be worth watching out for as well.

SOURCE: Klinker Apps