Klinker Apps, the makers of the Sliding Messaging app have dropped two new additions in the Google Play Store this morning. One of the apps is for Twitter and the other for text messaging. The apps are called Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, with the former being $1.99 and the latter being free of charge. Both are sitting at version 1.0 and with support for devices running Android 4.0 or later.

Based on the app description and screenshots, Talon appears to have some potential. Of course, on some level it is hard to wish great success on any Twitter app as there is that 100,000 token limit that could potentially cause issue as they move down the road. For now that thought can be put to the side though. Some of the key features for Talon include support for live streaming, support for two accounts and the ability to view your various timelines (main, mentions, direct messages, ect).

The Talon Twitter app is also offering a few themes, custom text sizes, support for emoji and an in-app browser. All in all, the app is feature rich. Some of the remaining goodies include a widget for the main timeline, a do not disturb mode, night mode, the ability to customize text sizes and in-line viewing of YouTube thumbnails as well as Twitter and Instagram pictures. The app also supports portrait and landscape views as well as smartphones and tablets.


Shifting over to EvolveSMS and we find an app that looks to replace your current default messaging app. As both of these are from the same developer, some of the features may sound a bit familiar. For example, EvovleSMS also has support for different themes as well as a night mode. EvolveSMS integrates Facebook and Google+ cover photos, and Facecook contact photos.

Some of the other highlights for EvolveSMS include two different widgets with lockscreen support, group messaging support and full multimedia support. This includes being able to send images, video, audio, contacts, your location — and even GIFs. EvolveSMS will also allow you to batch delete messages, swipe to delete conversations and customize notifications.

SOURCE: Talon for Twitter, EvolveSMS