It’s just been a month since Klinker Apps released version 1.3.0 of its slick Talon for Twitter app but now the developer is launching and even bigger version. Talon has now reached that ever so desirable version 2.0, with a changelog so large that it easily hit Google Play Store’s 500 word limit.

No new major release would be without a list of new features, and Talon 2.0 won’t disappoint. There are, of course, aesthetic differences, particular with the addition of new homescreen widget themes and the ability for themers to customize the action bar and window backgrounds. But there are definitely a lot of changes to the app’s behavior and functionality. For one, Talon is now smarter when it comes to conserving your device’s battery, automatically shutting down and restarting whenever Internet connection is lost and subsequently restored. The Compose Tweet button has also been removed from the action bar and is now a translucent button that floats on the lower right side of the screen. Users will also be able to save searches, which they can later delete through the Saved Searches drawer entry.

The latest version also has room for improvements and fixes over existing features. Many changes have been made to how the app handles images, like support for higher quality profile photos, untangling of photos between people or tweets, and improvements to the photo viewer. Vine support has also been improved a bit. There has also been been changes on how things like links and conversations are displayed. And of course, bug fixes and speed improvements all around.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and you can read the whole shebang on Klinker Apps’ blog post below. Talon for Twitter 2.0 is up on Google Play Store and can be yours for $1.99.

SOURCE: Klinker Apps