As we were expecting to happen, T-Mobile has officially begun offering their new “UNcarrier” based plans. Basically, these new plans offer unlimited talk, text and data from $50 per month. While the plans are now live on the T-Mobile website, we expect to learn a bit more on March 26 during the press event in New York.

What we can tell you now is that these plans are available from the T-Mobile website and they are open for individual and family plans. The individual plan is for a single line and the family plans jump in from 2 up to 5 lines. The individual plan pricing starts at $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and data. The $50 price level also includes 500MB of high-speed data.

Those looking for more high-speed data can get 2GB for $60 per month or unlimited for $70 per month. These plans are contract-free and offer the basics such as unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling and unlimited nights and weekends. Otherwise, the $50 and $60 per month plans also include mobile hotspot for tethering. The $70 per month plan also has hotspot, but is noted as being limited to 500MB per month.

Shifting over to the family plans and we see pricing from $80 per month for two lines up to $110 per month for 5 lines. Aside from the extra lines, the family plans are structured the same as the individual. That is to say they are contract-free and all include unlimited talk, text and data with options to get 500MB, 2GB or unlimited high-speed data.

[via T-Mobile]